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Founded in 2007 in mainland China, MICC TECH LIMITED. is a professional company dedicated to providing precision temperature measurement devices. We now mainly supply various thermocouple, extension wire, thermocouple connector, thermowell, etc. These temperature sensors and related components can be used in many civilian and industrial applications like electric furnace, ceramic kiln, blast furnace, gas producer, power station boiler, and some chemical facilities. Due to our years of experience in the temperature sensor industry, our products have been recognized by our clients around the world. If you have special requirements, we are glad to provide custom solutions. Welcome to contact us at any time.
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    1. Thermocouple

      The thermoelectromotive force of a thermocouple is independent of the diameter or length of the wire used and it depends only on the type of the wire used.

    1. Thermocouple Head

      Material: Aluminum alloy (ADC-12), Stainless steel
      Color: Silver RAL9006 bright shining, red, blue, etc.

    1. Thermocouple Wire

      Our thermocouple wire comes in a variety of types and specifications. The sheath could be PTFE, fiberglass, silicone rubber, and so on. More information is available on their specific pages.

    1. Thermocouple Bare Wire

      Application: forming two hot electrodes of thermocouple or compensating cable
      Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
      Product size: 0.05mm - 10.0mm
      Delivery time: 7-20 days

    1. MI Cable

      The mineral insulated cable, i.e., MI cable, is used to connect temperature sensor, like RTD and thermocouple, with instrument. It uses high purity MgO for insulation and stainless steel for sheathing.

    1. Thermocouple Connectors

      A variety of standard thermocouple connectors and miniature thermocouple connectors are available here.
      Size: Standard, mini
      Color: ANSI

    1. Ceramic Thermowell

      Specifically, we can provide RxSiC thermocouple protection tube, alumina thermocouple protection tube, and silicon nitride thermocouple protection tube. Contact us for free consultation.

    1. Resistance Heating Wire

      Our resistance heating wire is available in different models which are made of different materials, such as pure nickel, chromel alloy, Fe-Cr-Al alloy and copper nickel alloy.